Why Buy the Lincoln Brand? 

As a discerning, informed consumer, you always make it a point to ask yourself why the product you're buying is the right choice for you. With an investment as major as a luxury vehicle, that question is all the more worth asking. If the question posed is "Why should I buy a Lincoln," you'll find that there are a wide range of satisfying answers.


You already know that Lincoln's vehicles are of the highest quality, but perhaps the biggest advantage over the competition is the ownership experience. When you buy a Lincoln, you become part of a family, and that inclusion entitles you to a number of cushy benefits.

Every new Lincoln is offered with Lincoln Pickup & Delivery™, which simplifies the service process. By firing up your Lincoln Way™ app or calling Mountaineer Lincoln, you can schedule a vehicle pickup by a Lincoln Service Valet. These valets will retrieve your vehicle anywhere within 20 miles of the dealership and leave you with a Lincoln Loaner™ that lets you go about your day. Once your vehicle is serviced (and your complimentary wash is completed), a Lincoln Service Valet will drop it off to you.

Better Quality

Lincoln's biggest advantage by far is its commitment to quality craftsmanship and engineering. From the Lincoln Continental to the all-new Lincoln Navigator, the focus on building the best luxury vehicles possible is clear from the moment you first behold a Lincoln on the showroom floor and becomes even more explicit once you get behind the wheel.

In addition to the finer details, Lincoln vehicles are available with big innovations. This includes 30-way Perfect Position seats, which provide a superior level of comfort when making your daily drive, and Revel® Audio Systems that deliver your music and podcasts in stunning clarity.

There's nothing quite like a Lincoln, and there's no better way to experience all that Lincoln has to offer than by driving one. Stop into Mountaineer Lincoln for a test drive and you'll quickly discover exactly why Lincoln is right for you.



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