Different Types of Tires

Different Types of Tires 

When buying a new set of tires, it is very important to know what your options are. There are many different types of tires, and more likely than not, one is best suited to you and your driving needs. When deciding which tires are right for you, a good place to start is with what kind of vehicle you drive.

Sedans, CUVs, Minivans, and Everyday Vehicles

Vehicles that are used for general everyday driving tasks and commutes-such as sedans, CUVs, and minivans-should have tires that provide a smooth driving experience and have good all-season traction. They should be made well and have treads that will last. Options include:

All-Season: These are some of the most common tires used by drivers. They offer smooth, comfortable steering and provide the best traction between spring and fall.

Touring: These tires are very similar to the all-season tires, except they are meant to provide more responsive handing. If you want your vehicle to perform a bit better at higher speeds, you should consider touring tires.

Performance: Meant for high speeds, these tires offer more traction and grip on the road.

Summer: Tires dry out in hot weather, so summer tires are constructed with specific materials to offer more grip on the road when it's hot out and when the asphalt is slippery with rain.

Trucks and SUVs

Sometimes, people who drive trucks or SUVs use them much like they would a passenger touring vehicle, and it's perfectly fine to use tires designed for general everyday needs. However, there are a couple other types of tires that may be more useful to you, depending on your daily driving needs.

Highway: Highway tires are designed for heavier vehicles. If you're routinely towing/hauling heavy loads, these are especially useful since they offer a comfortable driving experience and good traction.

All-Terrain: If you're an off-road adventurer, having the right tires is especially important. All-terrain tires offer superior traction, allowing you to confidently traverse any terrain, as well as superior handling and stability.

For Colder Climates

No matter what vehicle you drive, if you live in an area that regularly experience harsh winter weather and road conditions, you should consider winter tires. In general, they offer the best possible traction when driving on snow or ice, featuring deep treads that grip the road. Once the weather warms again, you can simply switch out your tires for all-season tires.

The best way to determine what tires are right for your vehicle is to bring it into the service department at Mountaineer Lincoln. Our team will figure out what set best suits you; get them properly installed, balanced, and rotated; and get you back on the road quicker.

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